Kea Coloring Book

Kea Coloring Book 4.1

Great customizable coloring book made for kids

This free coloring book will keep kids entertained for hours. 15 pages included, and 100s more to download.

Designed to be really easy to use, any child who is comfortable with the basic move and click features of the mouse will have no trouble with navigating Kea Coloring Book. The program comes with a good variety of pictures to start with, but more importantly you can add your own, or download others from the 'net. Choosing a new picture in the program is just a click away.

Coloring in is easy and fun. Just click the Brush on the paint color you want and then click on the part of the picture to paint. Although there are lots of mixing trays available you may eventually want to wash them clean. It's as easy as picking up the Tap and clicking over the tray to wash away the paint.

Slurp, gurgle, splat! Kids love sound effects, and this product uses them in a fun way without going crazy. Hear the paint being sucked up into the Dropper and squirted into the tray, the sound of the Brush on paper, and the gurgling water the paint washes away.

Kea Coloring Book


Kea Coloring Book 4.1

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  • info.keasoftware

    by info.keasoftware

    "Add your own pictures, and it's free!"

    Awesome free coloring book. I can add my own pictures which is really cool..   More.